Our Mission is to Serve You

I will provide you with unique photo and video services such a drone aerials.  I also shoot and process 360 degree spherical virtual tours of the interiors of buildings including confined spaces that are not accessible by common cameras.  Virtual tours are also a great way to see grounds and landscapes as well.  All of these and other services means your customer or client can see your offerings without ever having to leave their chair. 

The Process

Most simple jobs can be ordered by phone or email and completed in a single visit.  I provide all of the photography equipment (except lighting), assistants as needed (such as for some drone shots), take all of the pictures, process those pictures lightly in Photoshop as needed.  Simple videos, including (1080p or 4K) high definition and spherical videos are also possible, but please call so that we can discuss details.

The finished product is delivered within 5 business days via email, or if files are too large via Dropbox, DVD or USB.  The photos are not watermarked and include a copyright release so that you can print or reprint or publish them as you wish.

Other Photo Capabilities

I have the equipment and expertise to take a wide variety of specialty photos such as 3D, boroscope, macro, micro and infrared.  All this is PLUS the skills and expertise of a lifelong student and practitioner of the photo arts.  You may also find his work on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin and Shutterfly.

About Dr Roisum

Since 1992, David Roisum has been a world renowned author, teacher and engineering consultant.  He has written 10 books, taught 5,000 students and consulted at 1,000 plants from single machine startups to Fortune 100 businesses.  Now he has taken his lifelong interest in photography (50,000 curated images) and video (300 YouTube clips) and coupled it with his decades of aviation experience to provide unique services such as aerial photography.

You may see his primary business website here.